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          LANP Products
          Electronic control series 
          Ballast Series 
          DC / DC DC-DC converter 
          Civilian Lighting 
          • 1
          • 2
          • 麗園裝飾 
          • 麗園裝飾 
          About LANP
                LANP Electrical Co.,Ltd,,founded in March, 1997, is located in Yue Qing Economic Development Zone in Zhe Jiang Province. Our registration capit…
          Marketing network
          Profit model : direct sales to the EMU , buses and urban rail manufacturing integrators and component suppliers . Product market position in the main business a…
          Talent Concept
          "Respect for talent , nurturing talent , ability and integrity, expertise and resources " as the Lampe mine personnel concept. Talent is Lampe 's first resource . Be tolerant to diversity …
            Headquarters Tel:0577-62058888 62057177 62057155   E-mail Copyright:LANP Electric Co., Ltd. |Support:www.ruixing.cc